Connecting You to the Cloud

Providing Fiber, Cloud, and Datacenter Services to Mid-Market, Enterprise, and Wholesale Companies

Reliable Services – Customer Focused

JMF provides reliable Data, VOIP, Cloud, Managed, and Datacenter services. We work with your IT team to bring your company outside of the headquarter model and into a datacenter. Many companies leave themselves open to a number of vulnerabilities and single points of failure that have the potential to stop operations in their tracks. With JMF’s networking and infrastructure expertise, we handle all of the complicated setup and management for you.


Who We Are

We are a team of professionals whose practices are fundamentally based on the core principles and high standards of excellent service, award winning reputation and powerful teamwork.

What We Do

We provide a seamless approach to your technology-based needs by analyzing the entire picture. Upon further analysis, our team of experts deliver reliable and cost effective VOIP, Internet, Cloud, and managed services.

How We Do It

JMF operates it’s own network which means you stay connected to fast and reliable business class broadband and receive unparalleled customer service from an award winning tech team.

Our Services


JMF Internet Services are delivered by microwave wireless and advanced fiber optic networks for businesses, communities and commercial developments across the US.


JMF offers a full line-up of business phone services that range from traditional to next-generation phone solutions that meet today’s needs while keeping you prepared for tomorrow’s technological demands. Our services include Hosted VoIP, SIP, Traditional Analog, and Unified Communications.

Managed Services

Managed services across a number of different industries. We are focused on providing efficient and reliable industrial integration to fit all of your business functions.


The Cloud is the core of your business. All of your services, servers, sites, communications, voice, remote workers, and every piece of technology you need to run your business connects to the secure, reliable, fast, JMF Cloud.

Where is JMF?

Light and dark fiber connects across the United States with a heavy emphasis on the Southeastern United States. Our infrastructure is designed to provide redundant and interconnected systems from Florida to Washington state depending on the clients’ individual needs.


Promininet JMF Connected States

    • Alabama
    • Florida
    • Georgia
    • Lousiana
    • Mississippi


JMF has been the best service provider I have ever done business with. Everything from email question response time to prompt technical solution provision, these guys have their business together!

Jason Jones

Owner, Jonesy Works

We’ve had a partnership now for well over three years now and look forward to the continued commitment and dedication from JMF for years to come.

Bob Brazier

General Manager, Mobile Convention Center

JMF Powered Clients