Hello FISPA  Members!

We have been a FISPA member for more than 12 years and love helping other providers build and grow their businesses and technology service offerings. We are cloud-focused and operate a nationwide network delivering Internet, IAAS, Cloud, VoIP, Security, and Managed Services.

Rack/Power/Transport Bundle Only $1,800:

  • 1 x 42U Rack
  • 1 x A/B 20A 208v Power
  • 1 x 10G transport to 55/56 Marietta or 10G DIA
  • 1 x 24 port patch panel in meet me room

All services provided in our Enterprise divisions are offered Wholesale and can be customized for clients across many different verticals including IXP, Healthcare, SLED (State, Local, and Education), and more. Our mission is to be great partners with great companies.

Thank you for your interest in learning more about JMF Solutions.

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JMF Services

All of our services are easily combined and work seamlessly once integrated into new or existing sytems

JMF Secure Cloud

JMF owns and operates VMware Enterprise, Multi-Tenant OpenStack, Managed Kubernetes, Cloud, and Edge computing services across multiple data centers in the US & Mexico. Designed to seamlessly interconnect and scale-out to all other major clouds including AWS, Azure, IBM, Oracle.


AES Encrypted layer 2/3 WAN & LAN multi-location service. SD-WAN without the magic…

JMF Total Voice

Active/Active SBCs, media and feature servers. Global peering and porting, termination, origination, and every enterprise feature imaginable.

JMF Connect

Layer 2/3 nationwide service. 30+ Carrier NNIs, 500+ Datacenters, Thousands of lit towers, and buildings.

JMF Total Care

Our comprehensive Infrastructure as a Service solution designed to provide end-to-end protection, and seamlessly bring middle market and Enterprise organizations out of the HQ model and into the Datacenter model. We partner with and work directly with internal and external IT teams so they can be experts in their areas and go back to managing business-related IT functions.


JMF Wholesale provides you with the ability to leverage our infrastructure to scale at a fraction of the cost while meeting your client’s business needs.

Partner Program

The JMF Partner Program is looking for like-minded companies and individuals that wish to grow their business beyond their current capacity. Talk with our team to learn more.