Internet access is often taken for granted. When you don’t have the same access, you quickly realize how valuable it is. About 19 million people lack high-speed Internet access, according to the FCC. Most live in sparsely populated, rural areas that phone or cable companies are unwilling to serve because extending their networks to such communities means laying expensive fiber-optic cables over wide expanses without recovering those costs from a dense customer base.

The usual option for people beyond the reach of wired broadband is satellite Internet access, which only requires a clear view of the sky. Historically, high costs for equipment and the service itself, stringent usage limits, slow connections and the lag induced by the 44k mile round trip data must take to and from orbit have made satellite the broadband of last resort.

More recently, satellite services have been offering faster plans with higher data quotas.

Wireless broadband from a cellular-data service can be another option, but that too often fades out in the countryside. Subscribers complain of slow connections that “at times stalls and frequently even drop.”

WaveFly has been offering wireless internet products for business along its foot print for years and has just recently began looking at the feasibility of providing SOHO solutions to select test markets in rural Mississippi. These rural areas will be offered a product for roughly $100 per month providing 10gig of synchronous data. This will allow any household to watch 10 hours of HD quality video using internet streaming something that had not been a possibility for homes on dial-up.

City Officials interested in our WaveFly Powered City product mix please contact our sales department.